What is Canonical Link Element?

What is Canonical Link Element?

It can help site owners with duplicate content issues. Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft Live announced their support for canonical link element.

I believe that the man that can best explain “canonical link element” is Matt Cutts. So, watch his video explanation below:

Video: Canonical Link element explained by Matt Cutts

If your blog is also running on WordPress, then you’re in luck. Yoast has created a plugin called wp-canonical. The plugin adds rel="canonical" links to your blogs <head> section.
You can download it at his website, just install it, and you are ready to go.

I found the Matt Cutts video on the new webmaster channel on YouTube. It is a good way to find out about new webmaster-related videos from Google.

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  • rondelrosario

    I'll try this! Thanks for sharing Randy! 😀

  • sure! =)

  • I have recently installed that WordPress plugin. Recently got a problem on duplicate content because of comment pagination.

    Let's see how it does.

  • I think the plugin will do good. Yoast's plugin got a thumbs up from Matt Cutts himself.

  • I installed it to recover from my site being penalized because of duplicate content.
    Nah, I have to wait for a month at least.

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