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5×5 Rubik’s cube professor!

I’m very much fascinated by the Rubik’s cube since I was a child, wondering how can I be able to solve it? That mind blasting puzzle with 6 colors? I’ve tried… but I failed, I tried again many times and at last! I managed to solve just 1 face, just one color, not even 1 layer.  I was frustrated, I’ve decided to quit trying. I cannot solve that sh#t!

Now! I’m not a child anymore but that dream was still there and managed to evolve into a more difficult path.  It’s different now because I can now solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes (with practice)! Yahoo! I have already solved the 4x4x4 Rubik’s Cube Revenge.  So, what’s next? off course, I have to take it to the next level and that is solving the 5x5x5 Rubik’s Cube Professor.  Yay!
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