WordPress Optimization Tips

If you are a blogger using WordPress as your blogging platform, then you should follow these WordPress optimization tips by Joost De Valk of Yoast.com

Joost presented these slides on A4UExpo Europe on WordPress Optimization.

Here are the slides:

WordPress Optimization: Doing 40 tips in 40 minutes

I want to say my thanks to Joost for allowing me to share these amazing tips and for creating quality WordPress plugins.

Chitika Mega-Unit ads

I got an email from Chitika 2 days ago about their new advertising format. They came out with a new ad unit (a BIGGER unit actually) for publishers/bloggers to boost their online earnings.

The new Chitika Premium unit is called the MEGA-Unit, a [550×255] pixel sized ad format. According to Chitika this particular unit’s CTR is 4 times higher than other ad units, adding a massive increase in clicks and revenue.

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iBlog5: My first blogging event

Attended the iBlog 5 Blogging Summit at UP Diliman on Saturday, May 9. Registered in the event with my blog (dailycontributor.com) under my name.


[Malcolm Hall, UP Diliman. I took my UPCAT exam in this building]

I was with my buddy Ron and we arrived early at the event but he left after the lunch break because of headache. Ron, you literally missed half of it. 😀

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