PageRank update and SERP

As you know, Google had another Pager Rank update last April 1. All of my blogs including this one got a PR boost except for my tech blog (which I barely update).

Randy Marasigan dot com is now PR 4 from PR 3 and my News Blog (Daily Contributor) also got the same PR rank now. That’s good news right? Maybe.

Bloggers want a high PR, because high PR will give you a slight advantage over other bloggers with lower PR when it comes to SERP (Search Enging Result Page) ranking.

What is bothering me right now is that this blog is not ranking in Google SERP anymore. When you search for my name on Google, the first result should be of course (Randy Marasigan dot com) but as of now the first result is my twitter account page followed by the page 2 of this blog which is weird.

Here’s a screenshot:


I’m not sure what’s happening right now. All I know is that my older post is also loosing on the SERP department. I want them back! I need them back!

Maybe it’s just a google dance? I certainly hope so, because if it’s not, what’s the use of PR anyway?


SERP page ranks are coming back. I think.

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  • I'm also in the process of backlinking, and right now, google webtools shows NO internal or external links, and a pagerank of 0 to my site. I wish I had kept that “google crystal ball” I got for Christmas, but I traded it for 3 magic beans.
    I'm sure you ask the same question: When will google scan my site and bump up my PR based on incoming relevant links?


  • Hi kitchen pans! (don't know what your name is).
    You see my problem here is that I have a PR (which is PR 4) but I'm not ranking in the SERP.
    That's weird!
    Just hope for a PR boost in 3 months, maybe by July. Good Luck!

  • I have the same problem as yours bro. Sometimes, my friendfeed account is on top, sometimes digg and sometimes twitter. That is really really weird. My site is always second on the list.

    Good luck to your PR and SERP thing!

  • googlerphd

    I wouldn't get caught up with that “little green bar”. It's now quite useless as far as search rankings are concerned. I've a PR0 site that's getting more SE traffic than my PR4 site. PageRank has been rendered obsolete by Google itself. Stop obsessing about it. Instead, concentrate on creating keyword anchored backlinks. It works!

  • I think the blog my blog is ok now. Thanks for dropping by bro!

  • I'm not obsessed about the PR. I just think it's weird though.

  • googlerphd

    please don't take offense but if bloggers just stopped trying to rank for their names and started trying to rank for keywords that actually made money, more bloggers would be laughing their way to the bank right now. you have a PR 4 only because you have tons of backlinks probably anchored on your name. If you requested all those links to switch the anchors to your main keywords, which I assume be “earn money online”, I assure you that you will rank higher for those keywords. Mr. Kitchen Pans here looks like he knows what he's doing (though comments are nofollow and hence useless with google, it will do well with yahoo).

    you should also sharpen up your on-page optimization by stopping posting about stuff that are irrelevant to your target niche. Posts about Rubik Cubes throws off Adsense which leads to lower CTRs as far as your niche is concerned.

    I don't mean to brag but I have a four month old PR0 anonymous blog that has earned me $132 so far this month getting only about 50 unique hits a day on the average (can go as high as 140 unique hits). It's not yet even on the of top of search results for the main keywords i am targeting and only has 15 posts!

    My PR4 blog is earning me about $10 a month. LOL.

    I tell you, PRs no longer mean much as far as earning money online is concerned. The only advantage they have that is worth noting is that they are crawled faster than sites with lower PR.

    Let's all stop trying to be John Chow and any other blogger whose successes are pretty difficult to replicate (because he's depending on reader traffic and web 2.0 traffic). It is so much easier to build up search engine traffic than readership traffic. and as you know, search engine traffic is where the money is.

  • Congrats on getting your page rank up, im not sure what happened to your serp though

  • Good for you! The recent Google upgrade had my PR upgraded from PR1 to PR2. Unfortunately, it was not long lived though. The PR went to ZERO after just a couple of days. I don't know why… 🙁

  • I am not trying to Rank for my name. I just used that keyword just to give an example on how screwed up is Google SERP for this blog.

    Regarding the post unrelated to the “Earn Money Online”: This blog is still my personal blog and is not “niched” strictly to the “Earn Money Online” keyword. If I really want this blog to rank higher on search pages with the said keyword, I could have made this blog title MAKE MONEY ONLINE and not Randy Marasigan dot com.

    How can posting about Rubiks cube throws off my adsense? It doesn't necessarily mean that posting this kind of stuff will “throw away” earnings. You should optimize every post and not just your landing page or main page.

    On your online earnings: Wow! $132 a month with online 50 unique visitors, that's huge. If it's true then you're a really lucky guy. If you don’t rank well on the search pages for your keywords then how do they find your blog? (Maybe a first page rank will do), But what made them click your ads with the very high rate? I'm sorry but I'm not buying it.

    I'm not trying to be John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, or Seth Godin here, and I’m not replicating there site.

    Thanks for your comments! May I know you’re name and blog?

  • Thanks Tyrone. As long as you are ranking on your keywords with or withour the PR then you should be OK!

  • googlerphd

    you optimize each page most especially the main page which is because that's what most people stumble upon. but if you say you aren't really optimizing this blog for any particular niche then it really doesnt matter. too bad since a really targeted site in the make money online niche would get about 5 to 15 CTR. I'm not in that niche btw. Way too crowded for my taste.

    the 4-month old blog is really a small niche so it's really targeted and it's affiliate-powered. I just actually made a sale so I'm up 155.88 this month. I have not put adsense on it yet as I'm waiting to rank no. 1 for all the keywords am targeting. Yes, for most of the keywords i'm already first page.

    My PR4 blog was included in this year's Ratified's top 100 most improved. Well, that was before they included Alexa in the metrics. hehehe. I'm not an Alexa fan so I guess that's it for me. Those bloggers are wasting their time with Alexa.

    I'm sorry if I choose to stay anonymous for now. I'd like to keep my money blog anonymous, too, if you don't mind. It's okay if you don't believe me. I just stumbled into your blog (I forgot how…) and was piqued by your enthusiasm with PRs so I dropped in some comments.

    I tell you that there are a lot of crap that you need to get out of your system before you could really earn good money online.

    First is the notion that you cant earn from a small amount of traffic. You can. 300 targeted search traffic daily is already a great money-maker (of course this depends on the niche. for the MMO niche you might really need to wait years). Second, you don't need to wait years to make good money online! Find a good uncompetitive niche, work on it for a couple of months and the money will start rolling in. my 4-month blog earned about $22 per month in the first 3 months. it's actually just this month that it's exploding so it's far from stabilizing. I estimate that this niche can bring me about $200 to $800 a month. Will find out for sure when I dominate all the keywords. When I do, I will move on to the next niche that I can dominate. That's how you make money online without posting 4 times a day and thousands of feed readers. It's easier to replicate this than to replicate the successes of those bloggers in ratified's top 100.

    I hope you don't take offense in everything I said here. This is going to be the last 🙂 Good luck in your online ventures.

  • I really appreciate your comments and It's nice to know you are Pinoy. hehe!
    I make money online by adsense but what I get from adsense is just half of my earnings. I earn online more than you think, I guess. I could leave my day job if I want to but that would be plain BS because why leave your job if you can blog part time. 😀 I earn a decent amount of money online but not with this blog (not yet for now).

    Just for the record, there's no offense taken. I like these kinds of comments. Thanks for your ideas and It doesn't have to be the last. If you don't want to be anonymous anymore then drop me a comment with your name or your blog name.


  • rondelrosario

    Black hat activities?

  • rondelrosario

    Content will always be King. PR = Pogi points.

  • rondelrosario

    Black hat activities?

  • rondelrosario

    Content will always be King. PR = Pogi points.