My Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009

I’m joining Ms. Janette Toral’s writing project called Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.

The goal is to list 10 blogs that you think is emerging or influential. The keyword here is “Influential”, so it should be easy because if a blog is influential enough for you, then you don’t have to think or search for it.


My ten picks

1. Daily Contributor – Of course! This blog should be on top of my list! Hehe! Just visit, Alexa, Quantcast, and Compete for more details.
2. Ron Del Rosario – Ron’s blog is a mix of personal thoughts and others things like photography. He introduced me to “blogging”. Yay!
3. Zalds – This guy is amazing! Check his blog and be inspired on how to make money online.
4. Patay Gutom – I almost joined the PG gang last year but I’m too lazy to contact Jehzlau.
5. Hay! Men! – This blog is viral! It’s all over the place. “Ito ang blog ng mga tunay na lalake!
6. New Media Ph – Carlo Ople created fuzz and I’ve noticed it. (Not just me but also the Philippine blogosphere) Do you remember the 4 Types of Bloggers?
7. Adaphobic – Ada blogs about press events and photography. I met her at iBlog 5. “Diba ikaw si Adaphobic?
8. Let’s Go Sago – A travel and food blog in one that’s making its own brand. I met Jonel, the man behind the blog at iBlog 5. Congrats!
9. Millionaire Acts– Money, Saving, Investing. This blog is about Tyrone’s journey to his millions and hopefully to his readers too.
10. Randy Marasigan dot com – I can’t think of any other blog so I’m nominating this blog! LOL!

This project’s sponsors are Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, and Business Summaries

You can also join this writing project by going to the writing page.

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  • Ada

    Randy!! hahaha! Ngayun ku lang nakita itoh! Hheeheh salamat sa iyong pag nominate! Woot!
    Muntikan na akong makapindot ng infolinks mo woot!

  • Thanks for the vote, Randy! Appreciate it a lot. Cheers!

  • Randy, maraming salamat sa pag-include ng blog ko. Appreciate it a lot. Thanks. 🙂

  • Thanks din sa pag-nominate kay DC kahit walang pag-asa na mapasama un. hehe!
    Congrats sayo, malamang pasok ka sa Top 10.

  • No problem Carlo. You deserve my nomination. Thanks for the visit!

  • Mukhang pasok ka nga Tyrone eh. Meron ka na bang sarili mong top ten post?

  • Nice list randy… He he he.. ok talaga yung blog ni zalds.. ofw din sya tulad ko

  • Oo nga eh, nakaka-inspire yung mga posts nya.
    Do you have your own list Dex?

  • Meron na akong sariling nominations. I hope more bloggers will include my blog in their nominations. Definitely, you saw it already coz you're one of them. Cheers!

  • Thanks for nominating DC. 😀

  • Thanks for voting Sago! Wah, u u u!

    napaisip ako sa simple but impactful statement mo..”…if the blog is influential enough for you, then you don't have to think or search for it.” 🙂 hmmm…

  • Do you have your list na ba? Congrats!

  • congrats sa mga nominees ^_^

  • Wala pa he he he

  • hi rands, wala pa, I'm still 'thinking and searching' for it. 🙂 ahahhaha.

    I'm publishing it on the last week of July.

  • yapatoots

    I love the picture you used in this post 🙂 So cute!

  • Thanks! hehe! 😀

  • good luck sa mga nominee

  • good luck sa mga nominee