My Lijit T-shirt

My Lijit T-shirt finally arrived! I’ve received it today (February 17) Manila time.


I want to thank Tara again for this gift. It just started as a joke of some kind on my previous Thank You Lijit post.

I love Lijit and its crew, especially Tara off course. Below is her letter that came with the shirt:


Here’s my reply:

To Tara,

Thank you so muh for the Shirt. I have gained some weight in the past weeks and the shirt is Medium (I’m a Large sized dude or  XL :D), so I’m afraid I can’t wear it. I really do want to wear it but it will look ridiculous on me. LOL! I could give this to my sister and she will absolutely wear it.

Just a quick nonsense note: I have discovered that if you search the term “Thank you Lijit” on google, the number 1 on the list is my post. haha! Maybe I’m just the happiest blogger to have received Lijit stickers. LOL!

For those of you who wants to have an effective blog search tool for your blogs or even your own blog network, I really recommend Lijit search. Maybe I should blog about my Lijit review soon. hmmm…

Many Thanks to Lijit and Tara (The Tarable Marketing Manager for Lijit)! 😀

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  • Randy, I'm sorry that the t-shirt size didn't work for you but am happy that the t-shirt made it to you successfully. I'm sure your sister will appreciate the gift!

    Thanks again for all of your support. We couldn't do it without you.

  • Tara,

    Thank you so much!
    I will continue to support Lijit because you guys are awesome!

  • rondelrosario

    Whoa! Nice shirt!

  • jehzlau

    Hahaha. Di pala hiningi ang size bago pinadala ang shirt? Hehehe.. Ngayon ko lang nalaman kung ano ang ligit thru your blog. Yay! Makapag sign up nga rin 😀

  • haha! Ewan ko ba jan kay Tara, sinabi ko na ngang Large eh. hehe! (Buti hindi nya to naiintindihan) 😀

    Ganda talagang search tool ang Lijit, pwede kasing buong blog network mo ang kasama sa results and maganda pa ung modal view nung search.

  • great !

  • O Hai! Jogja!

  • Gusto mo? kaso di rin kasya sayo. haha!

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