My Business/Blogger Card

I have a blogger card at last!

I got it printed and my blogger cards looks nice! (at least for me :D) If you are a blogger you need to have your own blogger/business card.

The card is a combination of the Daily Contributor business card and my personal blog Randy Marasigan dot com.

Blogger/Business Card #1 :

The design is an adaptation of my DC blog theme, using blue and black color.


Blogger/Business Card #2:

The other side: The design was pretty obvious, it’s a Google inspired blogger card. It literally means Just Google my name and you can find me. I placed my personal blog Randy Marasigan dot com just in case I get booted out on the first page of Google with my name as a keyword for any unfortunate reason. LOL!

randy marasigan blogger card

What do you think?

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