Looking for Contributors (Updated!)

I’m looking for [Daily Contributor] contributors. Anyone Interested?

The Daily Contributor is looking for a blogger/contributors to cover general news.

What we are looking for is someone with experience in blogging (a WordPress blogger is a plus) but newbie bloggers are also welcome. A contributor should be able to write posts independently and edit them before publishing online.

Contributors can select their own subject of interest. Daily Contributor categories include World, Tech, Sports, and Entertainment news. Blogger’s ability to write straight news, ability to add their personal opinion, and with SEO knowledge is also a big plus.

How much of a time commitment will this require?
We require you to publish just 5 posts per week in a flexible time frame. Meaning, we are not requiring you to publish 1 post a day but you can choose when to publish and how many. But, if you can only write during weekends, we will not consider your application.

Length of posts?
Posts should not be less than 150 words. We will just use this as our guide for post quality. If you already reach your 5 posts in a week but still want to share something like fun or add pictures or video you are free to do so.

Will I be paid for being a contributor?
Contributors will be paid a fixed amount per month. This is not a full-time “quit your day job” kind of opportunity, but Contributors can earn some extra cash while gaining exposure through their writing. You will be paid through PayPal.

Those who will be accepted as contributors will get support from me and I’ll teach you where to find content, what content works well, and the best ways to present that content on the site.

Your application should include links to your work online (not attachments please) and why you want to be a part of the DC team.

Please use the comment box below and send your email at: dailycontributor at gmail dot com

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  • Sir Randy, I'd like to try my luck. Here's my resume: http://aldr.in. Actually, and a bit obviously, it's just my blog. Heh. I also write iPhone app reviews intermittently for a New Jersey-based iPhone blog: http://whatsoniphone.com/blog/352

    Ping me any time. Thanks. :]

  • Hi Drin, I have updated the post. Talk to you on Tuesday.

  • whoa! DC is really expanding eh? Haven't posted in quite a long while myself. So, how your “contributor hunting”?

  • whoa! DC is really expanding eh? Haven't posted in quite a long while myself. So, how your “contributor hunting”?

  • Hi Randy,
    I sent my application via email.

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  • Sir,

    I emailed an application. Thanks.