My Infolinks Report: $500+ on its first month!


Hi! This is my Infolinks report. I’ve been an Infolinks publisher for just over a month now and I must say that it’s all been good.

I signed up last April and I was approved just before May (about 2-3 days review and approval process). I joined Infolinks because other bloggers had already posted on how the in-text advertising service helped their monthly blog income. They say that Infolinks pays better than other in-text ad programs out there.

Personally, I can’t say that it’s better because I haven’t tried other programs. All I can say is that I’ve been very happy with Infolinks since the first week.

What is In-Text Advertising? In-Text advertising explained from Infolinks website

In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of your website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears. Learn how to get started with In-Text Advertising today.

What makes Infolinks good?

1. You just have to copy-and-paste the code (javascript) on your blog and you’re good to go.
2. You can choose the color of links that will appear on your site.
3. They have a good and helpful support team. They answered my questions via email in less than 24 hours.
4. They are offering a PayPal payment which is very convenient for me.
5. The revenue I get from them is very very good. It’s actually in the far second spot with my Adsense earnings. (Not bad Infolinks! You’re still in the 2nd spot).

More of the revenue report below.

My Revenue Report

(You can click the images to enlarge)


May 2009 revenue: $512.03 (for 31 days)


June 2009 partial revenue: $213.77 (for 4 days)

  • For the month of May: I earned $512 with an average of $16.52 a day with 378 average clicks per day.
  • For the Month of June: With just 4 days, I already earned $213.77. What’s interesting here is the jump in average daily earnings to $53.44. If we compute the daily average earning multiplied by 30 (days), It will give me a total of $1603.2 for this month. Wow!

I’m displaying a maximum of 4 Infolinks in-text ads on my blogs (Just started to allow 5 links today). You can choose the max allowed number of highlighted links per page and also change the link style to double or single underline. Increasing the number of highlighted links may increase your CTR but I recommend that you keep it to just 5 to avoid the clutter of links on your page.

I totally recommend Infolinks for bloggers and content publishers because of its high revenue possibilities. Infolinks may not be a complete replacement to Google adsense but it will give you a better monthly revenue.

Revenues may vary for different blogs depending on how high your traffic is. But I can assure you that the higher the traffic is, the higher the revenue. (Just compare the screen shots above). I suggest you concentrate on building your site’s traffic.

If you’re not an Infolinks publisher yet, then you can go to their sign-up page to start earning money. You can sign-up using my referral link here.

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  • zalds

    Uy.. thanks .. ikaw pa rin ang driving force nyan kaya kumita ka ng malaki..

    kaibigan+sipag+tiyaga = $ infolinks, $ adsense.. $ chitika…..


    Increase your infolinks more by contacting them.. mag regquest ka ng better rev share or premium publisher.. isang email lang un at sure tataas lalo ang infolinks earning mo.


  • Hi Zalds! Thanks for dropping by my site.

    About the request of revenue share, how should I approach them? Thanks for this info.

  • zalds

    Shay from infolinks left a comment.. she is account manager.

    send her email and ask modestly if you are qualified for a special rev share.
    If you own blog network.. it will be a + point.. you can also mention the DC which is doing really well..

    Seek and You Shall Find.. 🙂


  • wow ang laki ng kita moh. kaw pala may ari nonng DC…Great! hehe.

  • WOOW! nakakainspire naman, ung earnings ko sa infolinks before talaga ang baba, but then nung nagSEO ako tumataas-taas, pero kelangan ko pang magimproved kasi mababa parin ung click nya per day unlike sayo WAAH!. Wala namang problema sa traffic ko actually 1k+ unique visitors per day nakukuha kong traffic pero ayun nga, nakadepende parin sa visitors kung magcliclick sila o hindi haha. Grabe for 4 days palang naka $200+ ka na… hanep at astig talaga. Thanks for inspiring us… share more of your tips. 😀

    I think max 12 ung sinet kong number of links per page dun sa infolinks, kelangan babaan tama ba?

    btw eto ym ko:

  • 12 links is OK. Just make sure you have longer post to make that 12 links appear on you blog.

    Thanks din! Cheers!

  • 12 links is OK. Just make sure you have longer post to make that 12 links appear on you blog.

    Thanks din! Cheers!

  • Adsense is number one in my book

  • by reading your post im inspired. grabe taas ng kita mo sa infolinks with that amount i can quite my day job and concentrate more on blogging.. my blog earning sa infolinks is 5 cents a day. i have to concentrate on generating more traffic to my blogs. but the thing about infolinks is that the ads is scattered around my site. i want infolinks to concetrate on my post para madaming clicks.

  • I use infolinks. it is so good

  • today I implemented infolinks ads along with AdSense. Let me see how it is is going.

  • Had landed here from searching infolinks review on Google. So glad to find rich information here from my counttrymen. $500 from infolinks alone is already a self-sustaining income. How much more when it’s combined with your Adsense and Chitika. More power!

  • Anonymous

    Hey that was nice  

  • Hey That was nice.
    But see mine 24 clicks in week but only 0.02$.
    What should i do.

  • Nandhugp214

    My blog is but for some they give nothing.If its country problem then infolinks should allow as to choose ad.

  • Sgk647

    My Income report from infolinks in 3 years 

  • Same with me

  • Sudheer Yadav

    i am using Infolinks Ads On but I am not getting good result

  • Sudheer Yadav

    nice dear really nice i am planning to use Infolinks on

  • waqas

    good may be we will try it on

  • Hey, your reports are really cool. I just wanna ask how much traffic on your website did you get for these kinds of reports? Your cpm seems higher as compared to $0.40 of mine. I am getting as much as 30,000 visitors per day but the revenue is too low i.e Almost $1.2 per day!! Any ideas of why such thing could happen?

    Kindly ApkDatas Sorry for that…. 😉

  • Atiq Ur Rehman

    hey sir i use infolinks account i think 1 month ago but i earn just 2 cent please tell me how to set infolinks

  • Atiq Ur Rehman

    i see your reports great please tell me any best idea