iBlog5: My first blogging event

Attended the iBlog 5 Blogging Summit at UP Diliman on Saturday, May 9. Registered in the event with my blog (dailycontributor.com) under my name.


[Malcolm Hall, UP Diliman. I took my UPCAT exam in this building]

I was with my buddy Ron and we arrived early at the event but he left after the lunch break because of headache. Ron, you literally missed half of it. ๐Ÿ˜€


The first speakers wereย  Micah and AJ Matela (Blogging 101), followed by Faith Salazar(tanggera.com -> the domain has expired, better to renew it asap) and Fritz Tentativa who discussed Photo Blogging. Next was the Video blogging presentation/talk by Azrael and Kring.

Edwin “Ka Edong” Soriano was there and talked about Mobile blogging. I really enjoyed your talk.

Benj Espina and Juned Sonido talked about the Dos and Donts of blogging.

Last talk before the lunch breakย  (I’m hungry at this point) was from Winston Almendras (aka BatangYagit) and Coy Caballes. These 2 guys talked about how to Promote blogs and their strategies of traffic generation. Their talk was a good starting point for newbie bloggers wishing to get some visitors.

Lunch! nom! nom!

During the lunch break, Ron and I shared the table with some veteran bloggers, ceblogger and thirdworldgeek. It was niceย  chatting with you.

Lunch Break Finished!

Some of the speakers are really good speakers. My favorite talk was the one given by Atty. JJ Disini about the Legal issues of blogging (first speaker for the afternoon session). The talk was short but concise and direct to the point. He was then followed by Dir. James Jimenez, COMELEC-EID Director, Janette Toral, Mr. Manix Pabalan of AyosDito.ph, Kristine Mandigma of POC, Laszlo Lim of Yehey.com, Jayvee Fernandez, and Eric Ramirez of Nuffnang Philippines.

After the afternoon break, Mr. Fitz Villafuerte talked about the “Top 5 Tips That Probloggers Will Usually Not Tell You About Making Money Online” and Anton Diaz talked about the blogger’s evolution. (Another favorite part of the event)

Presentations Ended!

I’m very happy and pleased to meet other Pinoy bloggers specially some of the money making bloggers in the Philippine blogoshpere namely: Jehzeel Laurente, Dexter Panganiban, Marhgil Macuha, and James of PinoyMoneytalk.


[Dexter Panganiban, Jehzeel Laurente, (Jehz you didn’t introduce me to him), Me]


[Mr & Mrs. Dexter Panganiban, Mr & Mrs. Marhgil Macuha]

I also met Azrael Coladilla the Pinoy Vlogger (Ron tagged him as the Robert Scoble of the Philippines. hehe!).ย  I really liked the presentation of Azrael and “The FabOUlous blogger/vlogger, Kring Elenzano. Funny, lively and definitely FabOulous!


[Me and Azrael]

I’ve also managed to give and exchange some of my blogger cards: (See picture below)


[Cards from left to right, top to bottom: TechAtHand.net, LetsGoSago.net, Jehzlau-Concepts, KaBlogs.com, Arvin Ello]

I also approached Ada of adaphobic.com (I recognized her because she was a featured blogger on Nuffnang before) and gave one of my card. She’s a nice young girl.

The organizers also gave free 110 iBlog 5 T-Shirts but I didn’t win because I never filled-up the raffle form (The girl from the registration desk forgot to give me that blue sheet. =( ).

Picture! Picture!


I did not attend the after party because I can’t. LOL! But seriously the free beer is not a good motivator, I’m not allowed to take alcoholic drinks because of some health concerns.

I want to give my thanks to Ms. Janette Toral and UP ISP for organizing the event. Thank you guys!

Before I end this post I just want to give some suggestions for the iBlog6:

1. I hope the T-Shirt will not be limited. (I ‘m willing to pay. hehe!)

2. I suggest break-out sessions since some of the bloggers are not noobs anymore.

Thanks to all the organizers, the speakers, and all the bloggers who attended this event! See you next year!

iBlog5 = History

Will wait for iBlog6!

[Many thanks to Dexter Panganiban for some of the pictures]

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