Daily Contributor is now 5 months old!

It has been 5 months since I launched my News Blog, The Daily Contributor. It was launched September 27 and ever since that date we constantly updating the blog every day. Yes, I said we, because I am not the only one who writes or contributes for DC. My big brother is the biggest factor for the success of the blog. He writes for DC every single day averaging about 4-6 posts a day. My friends such as Ron Del Rosario and Rommel Fermalan also contributes for DC occasionally.

I want to thank the DC team for this one!

DC is back on TopBlogs.com.ph

DC is back, I submitted it once again after it got deleted some few months ago for whatever reason I didn’t know. I think DC is doing pretty OK on the Philippinetop blogs  because I can see it on the first page now when I choose the “Show All” page (But! Miles behind Starmometer and Yugatech). Being on the top three (at least for this week) is a very good sign. My blog is still very young and we are still building the reader base. I’m still hoping that more Filipinos would read DC.


Daily Contributor on topblogs.com.ph (5 day statistics)

Doing great on TOP.ORG

DC is doing pretty good on top.org for the Technology Category. I placed it on that category because the NEWS category is not available. (They don’t even have the ranking for all the sites.)


Daily Contributor on top.org (5 day statistics)

Working well in blogtoplist.com

I’m on the Internet category (same reason in top.org)

Daily contributor on blogtoplist

From hundreds to thousands!

Every blogger dreams of high traffic. Seeing this blog gaining some page views is a good feeling. I know its not a hell lot of traffic but its still just amazing for me. I remembered when I first reached the 200 unique visitors in a day, I literally jumped and jumped and I even woke up my brother just to tell him “we’ve got some visitors!, 200 plus! woohoo!” LOL!

DC’s traffic is doing pretty well according to my Nuffnang analytics. Yes! I’m a nuffnanger.


January 27 to February 22 statistics

I want to thank the readers of DC! If you’re not a subscriber yet, then go grab our RSS feeds.

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