Chitika Mega-Unit ads

I got an email from Chitika 2 days ago about their new advertising format. They came out with a new ad unit (a BIGGER unit actually) for publishers/bloggers to boost their online earnings.

The new Chitika Premium unit is called the MEGA-Unit, a [550×255] pixel sized ad format. According to Chitika this particular unit’s CTR is 4 times higher than other ad units, adding a massive increase in clicks and revenue.

Here’s how the the MEGA-Unit looks like: actual size

If you are not yet a Chitika Publisher then you can sign up here, then choose the 550×250 “MEGA-Unit”.

I earn money from Chitika and it works best for publishers that have a good amount of search engine traffic from US and Canada.

Watch this video to give you a quick demo on how you can make money from Chitika:

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  • hi randy!! just came from ur other blog, daily contributor!!! it's so nice to know that the no. 1 in topblog is a Pinoy blog!!! You rock guys!! How did you become so popular???!! i really admire ur blog!! I'm also included in topblog but I'm at top 26!! 🙁 anyway, ur blog is so amazing!! have u been featured in Q-tube already??

  • Hi! Thanks for visiting my blogs. BTW, is for pinoy blogs only. 😀 I think good contents and a little bit of hardwork contributed a lot to the succes of my blogs.

    What's Q-Tube?


  • Wow, that's nice. Is it better than Google Ad Sense?

  • Not in my case, but there's a lot of websites that are very successful with Chitika premium.
    If your traffic comes from US and Canada then you should consider Chitika.

    You should try it. Use my referral link. hehe!

  • Wow talo mo na yung Starmometer.. haha,

  • Wow talo mo na yung Starmometer.. haha,