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WordPress Optimization Tips

If you are a blogger using WordPress as your blogging platform, then you should follow these WordPress optimization tips by Joost De Valk of

Joost presented these slides on A4UExpo Europe on WordPress Optimization.

Here are the slides:

WordPress Optimization: Doing 40 tips in 40 minutes

I want to say my thanks to Joost for allowing me to share these amazing tips and for creating quality WordPress plugins.

PageRank update and SERP

As you know, Google had another Pager Rank update last April 1. All of my blogs including this one got a PR boost except for my tech blog (which I barely update).

Randy Marasigan dot com is now PR 4 from PR 3 and my News Blog (Daily Contributor) also got the same PR rank now. That’s good news right? Maybe.

Bloggers want a high PR, because high PR will give you a slight advantage over other bloggers with lower PR when it comes to SERP (Search Enging Result Page) ranking.
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What is Canonical Link Element?

What is Canonical Link Element?

It can help site owners with duplicate content issues. Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft Live announced their support for canonical link element.

I believe that the man that can best explain “canonical link element” is Matt Cutts. So, watch his video explanation below:
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