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Review: My Samsung Sycmaster 2253LW widescreen monitor

I now got a new monitor! After months of planning to buy myself a new one to replace my old 15″ CRT, now i finally have one [for my blogging pleasure]. I bought a Samsung Syncmaster 2253LW. Man! I’m loving it!

The Samsung 2253LW is a 21.6 in, flat panel computer monitor. Compared to other LCD monitors on the market right now, I can say that the 2253LW is inexpensive at around $275 (not discounted price). This resolution is 1680×1050 and weighs 11.9 lbs.

This kind of monitor is suited for those who want better displays for their movies and gaming because It has a 2 ms response time.

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Twilight – not my kind of vampire story

I’ve watched the Twilight movie on Wednesday(Nov. 26) at the Shangrila Mall in EDSA, Shaw together with my office-mates. I watched it because it’s free (thanks to the movie benefits from my company) and because a lot of people says that Twilight is a must see movie. I really like vampire stories so I voted for this one instead of “Bolt”.

The movie was so so.. I mean it’s not that great. Let me point out some of things that I didn’t like: Continue reading