AdSense optimization techniques to increase your revenue

Google AdSense blog shared a great information about AdSense optimization techniques every AdSense publisher should know. It’s a guide to newbies and even long-time publishers to increase their AdSense revenue.

These techniques were presented by Mel Ann and Tim, 2 of AdSense Optimization Specialists from the Google office in Sydney, who work with publishers to help them improve the performance of their ads.

5 Steps to Increase your AdSense Revenue

The presentation below will walk you through a 5-step process to optimize the AdSense ads on your sites, and will also share tips that many publishers have found successful.

Step 1: Analyze your webpages

Step 2: Set up custom channels

Step 3: Optimize your ad unit design and placement

Step 4: Maximize revenue from multiple units

Step 5: Track and measure results

In relation to the topic, Paolo of interviewed me by email and I’ve shared some AdSense tips that worked for me. You can check out the interview here.

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